Check out how some of those that have found families are doing, these dogs are so talented, they write to us..... 

Hi Julie,
My name is Bucky Thomson, and today is my birthday. I am one year old. For the pass ten months since I left River Runs Kennel, My home has been in Royal Palm Beach with my Mom and Dad, Jon and Linda Thomson, and my Aunt Jeanette.
My parents and Aunt tell me I have added a great dimension of love, smiles, and happiness to their lives, since Kevin Gillum of Buckeye Plumbing gave me to Dad for his 63rd birthday.
I have to admit, I'm a little spoiled. That big basket of toys in the living room is mine. And I still check each time Mom comes in from shopping for what she bought me.  (Usually there is something for me.)
Every Saturday I go to work with Dad and see all my friends at Buckeye Plumbing.  There I am a Star!  My picture appears in the yellow pages ad, and in a local magazine ad.
All in all, I've had a pretty good life here.  The training wasn't so bad. Mom says I'm stubborn sometimes, but I know how to get around her. Those smiley looks and wet kisses work every time.
The only compliant I have was the last visit to the vet, Dr. Baker.  I thought Dad said I was going to be tutored. Was I wrong!
Thank you Mrs. Michaels for my great start in life.
Bucky Thomson

Alicia, Jerry and Timmy of Lake Wales here with updated pictures of Rhed Canyon.
We drop by your website often to see new cousins of Canyon.  He is doing great!
Loves the pool now; goes to hockey and soccer games; loves to catch Frisbee & jump!  He is getting much better on his stranger manners and will play by himself when we are busy.  He is crate trained, and trained to stay in by himself while Grandma is at work.  He picks Timmy up from school w/ grandma and loves when it is "boys play day"; he gets to play with his many human friends outside.  He listens whenever he is called, and knows when he is in trouble.  He is an absolute dream and we are hooked on Aussies!
Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness when we were thinking of buying an Aussie. 
Thanks again!
Alicia (Jerry, Timmy and of course Canyon!)


Hi !! Julie, 

Just a quick note to let you know how much we love Zeke, and how much we are enjoying him!!!!! I think his little legs have grown 2 inches already. He has been to the vet for his first shots and is due to get his rabies shots.  He started puppy  training 2 weeks ago on Monday.  Yesterday he was a pretty big stinker in class!!  but today I practiced healing, sit and stays with him, once in the morning and again after dinner. He looked great!!!   His color is so beautiful, the brown is darker now and his hair is just starting to grow a little.  At first he would not lit us brush him, he would take a flying leap off of the couch!!!  Now it doesn't bother him.  

I took him to the dog park last week and he did not know what to do with the little dogs!! He is used to his big sister (Jasmine, the Doby, and Godiva, the weimararaner, and Pearl, the golden)  He and Jasmine are so good together, they wrestle all day and half the night.  At first he was sleeping almost thru the night but the last 3 days he woke me up at 2 am. I took him out to pee then put him  back in his crate. he barked bloody murder until 4 am, until I decided to get up and shower for work. Someone at work suggested to leave him out of the crate after he pees, so I put him to bed with me and  we both got a little more sleep!!! I hope he lets me sleep tonight, cause I work in the morning. I work 6 am till 6:30 pm at Cape Coral Hospital.  Jasmine had a rough week last week. She has not been to training school in about 4 months, so she started back 2 weeks ago. She refused to do anything and set down like a mule.  The instructor had me take her off the floor.  Then last week she got bit by something in the yard. When we went to bed she was fine, but when I got up her face was swollen HUGE and her eyes where swollen shut.  I gave her 3 cortisone pills  before I went to work and my husband took her to the vet. He did not see any fang marks so he thinks she got stung by wasp, and possible got them in her mouth. She was stung about a year ago and was covered all over with hives. The vet gave her 2 shots and some cortisone pills.  Well 3 days later she pees in my bed!!!!!!  and I mean pees!!!!!

She sleeps right on my side every night. She never got up at all so she must have just peed in her sleep.   So she went back to the vet to see if she had a UTI.  She did not have an urinary infection, and she got her yearly shots on that visit.   Needless to say this has been a crazy few weeks!!!!!   Well I won't bore you anymore, but just wanted to let you know how much we all love Zeke, and enjoy him so much, Thanks for such a beautiful boy!!!!!!!


Dear Julie,

Merry Christmas!  Just wanted to give you an update on Boomer. He continues to do well.  He has had a wonderful Christmas...all the dogs got toys, but somehow Boomer ended up with all of them.  He is a very tired, happy boy today.

He is an incredibly good-natured and happy boy.  He and my 7-year-old collie-mix Skye have earned the nickname "The Two Bubbas of the Apocalypse" as they are always together playing, getting in trouble, or just plain having fun.  It is fun to watch the two of them go tearing around the yard or wrestle.  However, I've come to the conclusion that I
don't know how anyone with less that an acre raises an Aussie--I have 1.74 acres and the two of them use ALL of it in their daily games.

Boomer was neutered as agreed when he was six months old.  The doctor did such a good job that Boomer didn't even seem to be in any pain.  I gave him the pain medication just to slow him down a bit so his incision would have a chance to heal.  He shows great interest in Frisbees, soccer balls, and tennis balls.  I can't decide whether he will be a more awesome Frisbee or Fly Ball player--he is good at both and shows a lot of talent.

All in all, Boomer is a wonderful pup.  Thanks so much!

Wishing you all the best for the holidays,
     ...and Boomer, Skye, Koko, Maile (the old frail sick cat, who gets
along great with Boomer) and Haiku (the young  spunky cat who is the
third Bubba of the Apocalypse)


    Timmy was searching online for Australian Shepherds to see pictures of dogs like "Canyon" and low and behold...there he was w/ Canyon!!!  We loved your site and have a recent picture of Timmy & Canyon, below.  Canyon also wanted you to know what is going on with him...
Hi, Aunt Julie! 
        I love my home with Timmy and my parents, Jerry and Alicia.  I even have my grandparents around to love me too.  I love to play with my boy, Timmy.  We play in the pool and he taught me all by himself how to jump in the pool on the count of three.  We spent endless summer days swimming and exploring.  Now that he is back in school, I help him with his homework and his afternoon snack.  I play hide and seek with him.  He thinks I don't know where he is, but I always find him.  My mom takes great care of me and I love when she gives me a bath.  She always blows me dry and brushes my hair.  She does try to keep my teeth clean, but that toothpaste tastes funny.  I also have Frisbee time with my dad everyday when he comes home from work.  When he comes in the door, I barked, jump and howl so he will take me outside and play Frisbee.  I love to run and jump to catch the Frisbee.  He throws it just right.   Every Saturday I go with my family to Timmy's soccer games.  I am the team mascot.  I even wear a yellow bandana for his team.  I go with grandma to school everyday to pick up Timmy and sometimes his friends come over to play.  They think I am pretty smart and I show them my tricks.  I feel like I am part of the 'cool' dudes club. 
        I do have some manners I am still working on.  My parents are working on my stranger bark.  I am a little too intimidating towards strangers ringing the bell.  Mom says I am a B-, I used to get a D.   I listen real well and I am still learning commands.  I know what ball, Frisbee, sit, stay, come'ere, stop and how to read my owners body language; especially when I play a bit too rough. 
        My owners are looking into doing agility shows.  Mom thinks I need more work, but Dad and Timmy think I am ready.  I am! I am!  I will keep in touch and tell my birth parents hello for me! 
Let me know if the picture is not ok.  I will try to get more pictures of Canyon for you.
Thanks for your love and hard work for Aussies.  We truly couldn't have found a better addition to our family.
I can't remember life without him!
Sincere Regards,
Alicia, Jerry, Timmy and Canyon



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