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Aussie Rescue is a network of volunteers who rescue Australian Shepherds and find them new, permanent homes. These dogs are rescued from just about any kind of situation. Some are from puppy mills, some are adopted from shelters. Many come into the program because their former owner had to move and couldn't take the dog, or because the dog was harassing the livestock. There are some very wonderful dogs that are saved from destruction by Aussie Rescue. Knowledgeable rescuers can help make sure that a rescued Aussie is right for you. An Internet resource for Aussie Rescue may be found at http://www.staar.org

The statue to the left is, Fairoaks Red Tailed Hawk (Atreyu and Ronita), certified FEMA Search and Rescue dog.

Hawk and owner/trianer Kathy Schiltz spent 11 days at the Twin towers. He is immortalized here, in this breath taking life size bronze statue, decorating the entrance to the Boone County, MO, Fire Protection Headquarters.

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