All That Jazz - 
       Jazz competed the weekend of August 16th and 17th, in The Trail Creek Training Clubs Obedience Trial held at the LaPorte County Fairgrounds.  On Saturday Jazz was really on, she did great earning a score of 188 and taking first place. Then on Sunday the excitement of Saturday and again with the heat and humidity, Jazz was unable to stay focused and somewhat wondered the ring with me having to call her to me.  As if this wasn't bad enough she just couldn't take the heat and decided to lay down on the long sit again!  So we NQ'd. It was still a great weekend with Jazz earning her 2nd leg in UKC.  Just one more to go!  Her next UKC trial will not be until October.

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This is Eric, and this was his first time in a match with Greystones Black-Tie Affair. They took Reserve 

This is me and Thunder Rolls at the Florida Pan-Handlers Show 4 - 6 month. Thunder took          reserve puppy!


Megan is No. 1 in standings for Obedience Novice Final Standings thru Dec. 8, 2007 and No. 1 for Obedience Novice Merit (Top 20) thru Dec. 8, 2007 also. 

  her three trial average is 196.7 and they haven't even added on the points for her two first places, a second and two HIT's.   Isn't that just GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 If she stays in the top ten,  I'll take her to Vegas in Nov.

Getting ready for utility.  I've been taking a class with her hoping to pick up some pointers.

                      Kayla  took  Best Junior Handler with Shiloh

                                               Great Job!!!





                  Hi Julie,

                  Bandit got mad after we had him neutered.  So he wrecked his wading pool.                                    Thought you would like to see how beautiful he has grown.  





Hi Julie,
Another year has passed, and I am now four years old! Still bringing lots of love, smiles, and happiness to Mom, Dad, and Aunt Jeanette. I'm sending you pictures of me with my birthday hat and one singing "Happy Birthday".
Bucky Thomson


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     Hi Julie,

Megan got 2nd place yesterday in Nov. A with a 188 score out of nine dogs. Today she      won the class in Nov. A with a 182 1/2 score out of ten dogs. I was really proud of her for    her first show.





Here is our precious baby girl, she has been a  challenging puppy, but worth every minute of our time.  She has brought a lot of joy, loves to travel and is very smart.  You should see her catch a Frisbee.  We love taking her to the dog park.